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Post by Dyan_Marley on Tue Jun 12, 2018 2:27 pm

[b]San Andreas Police Department - Application Form[/center][b][b]
[size=18](( IC SECTION ))[/size]


1.1) Firstname:
1.2) Lastname:
1.3) Age:
1.4) Gender:
1.5) Date of birth:
1.6) Place of birth:
1.7) Email:
1.8) Marital status: (Single/Married/Separated/Widow/er)[/list]

2.1) Height: (In feet)
2.2) Weight: (In pound)
2.3) Blood Type:
2.4) Do you have any weakness that may affect your duty as Law Enforcement?:
2.5) Hereditary disease (If any): [/list]

[b]3. ADRESSING DETAILS[/b] [/b]
3.1) Phone Number:
3.2) House Phone Number:
3.3) Address: (Can be House/Apartment)[/list]

[b]4. LICENSES[/b]
4.1) Do you have a Driving License?:
4.2) Do you have a Sailing License?:
4.3) Do you have a Flying License?:
4.4) Do you have a Firearms License?: [/list]

5.1) Pre-School:
5.2) Primary School:
5.3) Junior High School:
5.4) Senior High School:
5.5) University (if any):[/list]

6.1) Name of Company / Employer:
6.1.1) Position:
6.1.2) Year employed:
6.1.3) Length of work:
6.1.4) Employer's contact (If any):
6.1.5) Reason for separation (If any):[/list]

6.2) Previous Name of Company / Employer:
6.2.1) Position:
6.2.2) Year employed:
6.2.3) Length of work:
6.2.4) Employer's contact (If any):
6.2.5) Reason for separation (If any): [/list]

7.1) Have you ever been involved in a criminal case? If yes, explain it:
7.2) Have you ever submitted an application to GOV? If yes, when?:
7.3) Whats the reason of your denial from the previous application (If you got denied)?:
7.4) Why would you like to be a part of the San Andreas Goverment service?: (Minimum 250 words)
7.5) Why should we accept you in the San Andreas Goverment Service?: (Minimum 200 words)[/list]

[size=18](( OOC Section ))[/size]

8.1) Name:
8.2) Age:
8.3) Location:
8.4) SG-RP Forum ID (with the link):
8.5) SG-RP UCP ID:
8.6) Your current & past characters: Also list the score with your character (for example, Romero Parsley [20])
8.7) Have you ever roleplayed in any other roleplay servers, and how long you have been played in this server?:
8.8) What faction/families you have ever been in, is it official or not?:
8.9) Do you have a fully working microphone? If no, explain it:
8.10) Do you have teamspeak 3 installed in your computer??:
8.11) Have you ever got banned in SGRP server? If yes, then why?:
8.12) Why would you like to join Gov?: (Minimum 120 words)
8.13) What do you know about Law and Government?: (Answer it yourself, DO NOT COPY PASTING).
8.14) What is your Internet Service Provider and your bandwitdh speed?: (What is your ISP? and what is your internet's speed)
8.15) Have you ever been in an organization? If yes, what?:
8.16) Are you playing in the Internet Cafe or at Home?: If playing at Internet Cafe, please give us a guarantee / statement: (50 words minimum) AND YOUR STATEMENT WILL BE NOTED BY GOV AND YOU MUST RESPONSIBLE ON YOUR STATEMENT, IF YOU LIE = BAN)
8.17) What is your in-game time? (AM/PM or both)?:[/list]

[b]9. San Andreas Goverment Service Agreement[/b]

[quote]I, Firstname Lastname declares that;
[*]I am willing always joined and active in the San Andreas Goverment Service in two weeks after academy.
[*]I am willing always joined and active in the San Andreas Goverment Service and I will inform the GOV if I have an obstacles during my duty.
[*]I am willing to obey all the rules and regulations.
[*]I am willing to do not take any job besides of my job in the Goverment.
[*]I am willing to accept the consequences of ((180 minutes)) jail and a fines of $5.000.00 if I violating/breaking this contract.

Los Santos, <dd/mm/yyyy>


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